"It's better to be hurt than to hurt others. Kind people can find happiness with just that. That's

"It's better to be hurt than to hurt others. Kind people can find happiness with just that. That's

29 April 2018


Sorry I haven't really posted much on this blog recently. I'm hoping I will be able to post more during the summer!
-I have watched almost the entire first season of Dark Matter, but I kind of forgot about it. I have so far liked what they have done with it. (but can they stop having all the problems be caused by electrocuting the android??? please????)
-I am currently trying to catch up on Supernatural. I am currently on the fifth season
-I went to Genericon last month as Mafia Miss Fortune and Claudia on Saturday, and the Undertaker on Sunday
-I plan on (hopefully) doing cosplays for the Doll (Bloodbourne) and Star Guardian Miss Fortune
-I've gotten into a lot of bands this year: MCR, FoB, P!ATD, BVB, SWS, BMTH, FIR, and PTV
-I think that's it???


29 August 2017

xxxHOLiC--Manga Review

Series Title: xxxHOLiC

Author: CLAMP

Number of Volumes: 19

My Thoughts:

I first tried reading this a couple years ago, then gave up on it. But earlier this year, I decided to give it another chance.
Watanuki can see spirits and demons; they are very attracted to him and he very much wishes this wasn't true. Because of this wish, he suddenly finds himself in Yuko's shop: a shop that grants wishes. Yuko says she'll grant his wish--but first he'll have to pay for it by working as her assistant in the shop.
[spoilers ahead]

I think the story in this is very interestingly written. It starts out kinda boring but then starts getting more and more interesting. I really wish we got a little more insight into Maru and Moro's purpose. We know they are there to protect the shop--but why, from whom, and where did they come from?
While Watanuki is usually very annoying, it is pretty relate able for someone to be like that when you're in his shoes. It also turns out that he is a part of Syaoran (from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), which was interesting but not explained well so it was very confusing. Also, Yuko's disappearance and Domeki's egg were not explained at all??? And on top of that, the ending made no sense.

My Rating (overall): 4 stars

27 April 2017

Vampire Knight--Manga Review

Series Title: Vampire Knight

Author: Matsuri Hino

Number of Volumes: 19


I started this series not knowing if I would like it, since shojo isn't really my thing. But I ended up really enjoying it.
Yuki Cross going to a school where there is the day class (humans) and the night class (secretly vampires). She does have a close friendship with one of the vampires: Kaname Kuran, who saved her from being attacked by a vampire who was out of control. Her life totally changes when she finds out that her classmate, Zero, is a vampire but also a hunter. She willingly gives him her blood so he can keep his sanity (he used to be human but was turned into a vampire). Then she finds out that she in fact used to be a pure-blooded vampire, and her real parents turned her into a human to save her from hunters. However, Kaname turns her back into a vampire so that they can have the relationship they would have had before she was human. Then Kaname starts "killing" vampires (pretending to). He turns himself into a weapon to save Yuki, but she eventually dies to turn him into a human.
Honestly, this series got super confusing about halfway through. However, I did really like it, and I'll probably end up watching the anime.

My Rating: 3.5 stars (overall)

30 December 2016

Death Note: L: Change the World--Novel Review

My Thoughts:

This novel takes place after L wrote his own name in the Death Note to stop Kira (I think that only happened in the live action movies, but I'm not completely sure--it's been a while). It's L's last days in which he solves one last case before he finally dies. Maki, a young daughter of a scientist, witnesses her father's murder happen before her eyes. She's taken in by L and other investigators who are working on solving the case of her father's murder. Kujo, a "friend" of Maki's is soon introduced, but is then revealed to be the one behind her father's murder to steal his work in order to create a "perfect society", a bit like Kira. However, they end up losing and L solves the case while keeping Maki safe. I really did enjoy reading this, however, there were several confusing things in the story like a fake L and a threat to use a Death Note when in reality both remaining ones on earth were destroyed.

My Rating: 3.5 stars

29 December 2016

Another--Manga Review


In the spring of 1998, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into third-year class 3 at Yomiyama North Middle School. But little does he know..his new class has a horrible secret. When he takes his seat in class for the first day of school, Koichi is unsettled by his fearful classmates. Despite this atmosphere and warnings from fellow students, Koichi is drawn to the beautiful, distant Mei Misaki, another classmate. But the closer he tries to get to her, the more mysterious she and their class become. And when a fellow student dies a disturbing death--the first of a long chain of deaths--Koichi seeks to learn the truth behind the curse of third year class 3. But can he get answers before the curse kills him?

My Thoughts:

I bought this recently after I finished watching the anime a few months ago, and although there were a few minor differences, the majority of it was the same in both the story and the fact that I enjoyed it. The one thing I never got from either the manga or the anime was why they didn't say anything about the curse to him, to prevent worse things from happening, although it did start a little while before he started going there--with Mei's secret twin sister who died a couple (?) months before Koichi started school. One difference was the role of a former class 3 student from the class Koichi's mother graduated with, he had less of a part in the finding of the tape which told about how to rid the curse halfway through the year. Also, I'm pretty sure in the manga the owners of the place they stayed in on the class trip never went mad and tried to kill everyone...and of course the beach scene never happened in the manga, lol. I really enjoyed reading this manga adaption and I hope to someday read the original novel.

My Rating: 5 stars